Next generation simulation avionics that replicate the cockpit experience. Completely.

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State-of-the art products, precision-designed by experts for maximum quality and usability. Guaranteed.

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Aviatek does not manufacture avionics for anyone else. All of our products are expertly designed and precision-manufactured for our clients. We have the flexibility, the expertise and the customer-focus to deliver avionics that meet your specific needs and objectives.


100% functionality and a 360° experience that fully replicates the cockpit. Simulation that is second to none.

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Aviatek will not compromise on your experience. From the ambient cockpit light sensor to the state-of-the-art cockpit display system, Aviatek avionics deliver 100% functionality and a 360° experience that fully replicates the real thing. We’ve thought of everything you need.


Aviatek offers the kind of customer support that builds close and lasting relationships. We put you first.

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We pledge to give you one-to-one customer care and technical support that starts before you buy our products and continues as you enjoy their use. It’s our commitment to customer care that has built long-standing close relationships with all of our clients all over the world.


We are MORE than impressed by the quality of the build.
It far exceeded our expectations. I sincerely cannot tell any difference between the real aircraft and the panels.

Josua Marius, Private Jet Flight School, Florida

Great communication, support, and truly a fantastic product. I purchased their GMC 710 Autopilot, and it is the most realistic reproduction part I’ve ever owned. The plug’n’play capability is also great, and got me flying pretty quickly!

Marco Fernandez, Commercial Pilot

Stunning panels, best I've seen or used.
I've had hardware panels from many major vendors over the years -
these stand above.

Gordon Hutchison, Cockpit Builder

Aviatek panels are outstanding compared to other products in terms of precision and quality. This is the best choice to simulate aviation as real as possible.
Being a licensed real world pilot using Garmin products for nearly 800 hours I can’t feel any difference to Aviatek's products.
Plus you can enjoy a quick and helpful support for any questions what makes Aviatek the best choice.

Christian Teusch, PPL / IFR